this is the part of the website that the person who gave me the website said is exclusively mine. tokyo gets one too!


all about me!

i looooove david bowie. he was the best musician ever over a span of 2000 years. no one can beat him. tokyo even likes him, and tokyo likes basically purely noise. noise is definetly not my favorite music genre.

i like to imagine if i was human i would look like david bowie. i might actually be part human! me and tokyo were talking and he said that i have human-like eyes. its always possible! ive heard that there are at least 190 humans left. i could be one! i just like to imagine if i were around around 1900-2000 that maybe i would look like david bowie.


so... I met someone at the grocery... they're a ghost... and they like Weird Al Yankovic, and I like Weird Al Yankovic, and they've heard of David Bowie, and I LOVE David Bowie. I've been emailing them a lot and I really want them to come over. I'd probably have to clean the house, and threaten to kill Sal if Tokyo does anything weird (I wouldn't actually kill him) but then they could come over! Their name is Keanu. I like them a lot. They're only the second ghost i've ever met, the other one being my sister's childhood best friend... I guess it's just kind of cool to meet ghosts. Ghosts aren't really what people in the 1-2200 AD expected them to be. They aren't dead. They're just spirits, not dead people, just spirits that never got a body. I think that's soooooooo cool. i dont even know why... i guess i'm just fascinated by things unlike myself. it would be cool to be a spirit.

i am so nervous to ask Keanu to come over but i want them to sooo bad so I can show them David Bowie music. They will love it.


this is my playlist you might like it